Melatonin 2.5mg – 120 Tablets.


Fast Acting Orange Flavored Sublingual

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Flavored Sublingual Melatonin Because sublinguals dissolve under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream directly via the oral blood vessels, resulting in rapid delivery into the system.

MELATONIN is a neurohormone produced in humans by the pineal gland. A favorite of travelers, it governs the body's circadian rhythms. Melatonin is also a potent antioxidant.

Recommended Use: One tablet dissolved under the tungue at bedtime. Do not take more than two tablets daily, unless recommended by your physician.

Product Code: HNM002

Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxal-5 phosphate [Coenzymated]) 335mcg, Melatonin 2.5mg.

Other Ingredients: Sorbitol, mannitol, natural orange flavor, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid. Suitable for vegetarians: free of yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, salt or preservatives as well as artificial color, flavor or fragrance.



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