Magnesium Oil Spray (8 oz)


Magnesium spray for soreness

Pure Organic Ingredients Magnesium Oil is Food & USP Pharmaceutical Grade. Highest, Purest Magnesium Oil Available! Magnesium is a Vital Element for the Body. Absorption Through the Skin Delivers Magnesium Directly to Your Cells Without the Uncomfortable Laxative Effect of Oral Magnesium Supplements.

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Our Magnesium Oil is Pure Magnesium Chloride and Distilled Water to Ensure Maximum Absorption and Zero Allergic Reaction.

SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED TO: i. Help Cells, Nerves, Muscles, Bones, and Heart Function Optimally. ii. Support A Strong Immune System. iii. Replenish Magnesium Levels. iv. Relieve Aches and Pains. v. Balance Hormones. vi. Improve Digestion. vii. & More!

Other brands will add Essential Oils or Aloe Vera to their Magnesium Oil, but Pure Organic Ingredients Magnesium Oil does not use any additives to ensure that our product is safe for users with allergies or sensitivities to those ingredients. Offering Pure Magnesium Oil allows you to customize the Magnesium Oil to your liking with essential oils or carriers.

Recommended Use: Apply to desired area. Massage well into the skin for best absorption. Rinse well after 20 minutes and moisturize. Additional Application Method: Add 1-2 oz of Pure Magnesium Oil to your daily foot soak and soak feet for 20 minutes. During the first several applications of Pure Magnesium Oil, it is normal for some individuals to feel a light tingling sensation on the skin. Attention: As the product dries on your skin, you may notice a mineral residue resembling salt. This is normal. Simply wipe off residue with a damp washcloth or rinse off in the shower.

Product Code: MG01

6,000 mg. USP Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride per 2 fl oz. Distilled Water

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